10 Things Every Woman Should Know by 25

1. Get a Clarisonic. Oh my god, doooo it. It’s like a weird vibrator-shaped electric toothbrush for your face, and cleans 10 times better than your hands or a washcloth. I’m not getting paid to say this. Every beautiful girl I know has one, and also me. You’ll never look back.

2. Cut the social fat. That one friend of your ex who’s kind of boring but always wanted to have sex with you so he usually picks up the drinks tab? Stop texting him back. That former Goth girl from your high school who’s constantly got baby pictures popping up on your timeline? Unfriend. Keep a core group close and drop the rest. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

3. Stop judging your friend’s dickhead fiancĂ©e. You may not have liked that she was dating a dickhead, but now they’re engaged, and you are no longer allowed to be …

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BDSM: How to introduce the idea to your partner

BDSM includes many practices: bandage, whipping, shibari, needle games and much more. Fantasies associated with these or other BDSM practitioners occur in almost all. But here comes a series of questions. How to offer this to a partner? How to make the practice safe? How to implement the practice with the necessary attributes? How to choose suitable for the first experience devices? In all this, we will try to understand the article – BDSM for beginners. You can find the best sex toy for squirting too.

First, you need to understand what kind of practice attracts you. Further, discuss it with a partner, BDSM practices are not something that should be started suddenly and unexpectedly. Check to see if your partner is against such an experiment, and together determine how hard or soft the impact should be and what accessories you want to use for this.

Categories of devices

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