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Anita Meyers

Anita was your regular college party girl from New York where she lived the best times of her life. She had incredible experiences from college parties to joining sororities, which even exposed her to love, sex, and relationships.

Anita probably has left her mark on every dating apps, sites, and parties giving her enough experiences that she can share using this website. As colorful as her life looks like, Anita knows how to pick up best practices that she can share with her readers. Topics range from tips on how to have the best dating site profile to the psychology behind seduction.

Anita is like your girl best friend that you share your life with!

Rod Dane

Rod is a success story. He was a late bloomer and did not really join the wildest college parties, but this allowed him to have a wild imagination and now is using them to share on

He normally does all the research for the latest trends in terms of parties, sex, and other intimate events. He also shares dating advice by listening and formulating a piece of a solution based on his observations, and research.

Anita and Rod are like your virtual BFFs who are here to listen to your wildest sex stories, give you advice, and deliver high-quality content for your viewing pleasure!