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Recent Press

GOOP Podcast, with Gwyneth Paltrow:
“Why Sex Therapists Are the Only People Who Don’t Care About Orgasms”

Video Documentary: “Sex Object” with Caroline Vreeland

Are Non-Monogamous Relationships On the Rise?
And see discussion on

NEW YORK TIMES:  Jessica Blankenship’s, “How to Stop Rushing Into Love” 

AARP:   Christina Ianzito — Review, “Making it Hot,” #1 on February round-up of relationship books

NEW YORK MAGAZINE’S “TheCUT”:  “When the Hidden Problem with Your Sex Life is ADHD”

READERS DIGEST:  “Ten Obstacles to a Healthy Sex Life, and How to Overcome Them”  

GOOP:  Author Q+A – “Cultivating Good Sex in Long-Term Relationships”

BRIDE’S MAGAZINE:   Author Q+A with Anka Radakovich
“The 1-Minute Sex Fix Every Couple Should Do Every Day”  
“What Your Partner Really Wants in Bed, This Valentine’s Day” 


Sheila Gregoire:
—Why Men Go Missing in Bed
Conscious Connection Magazine:
—Saving Your Sexual Relationship in the Age of Porn
Readers Digest 
  Ten Obstacles to a Healthy Sex Life, and How to Overcome Them 


SALON-TV — “How to Have Ridiculously Great Sex”
YouTube channel:  Stephen Snyder MD
Expert Video Collection —


GOOP Podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow

Anatomy of Marriage Podcast

I Do Podcast

Psych Central 

The Couples Therapist Couch

Better Sex Podcast

The Joy of Text
–> Scroll to 25:44 on the podcast 

LifeHacker – TheUpgrade 

 (starts at 25:50 on the tape)


John Cook Good Books Radio
Dr Corey Allan Sexy Marriage Radio
Dr Laurie Betito — Passion Radio Live, Montreal 
Dr Brenda Wade, Modern Love Radio 
Dr Michelle Cohen, LA Talk Radio
“Mr Media” – Bob Andelman – Love Worth Making
Dr Diana Wiley prn.FM “Love Lust and Laughter”
Lesli Doares, Happily Ever After Is Just the Beginning
Army Wife Network Love Worth Making
Sharkie Zartman, Positive Talk Radio
Sirius XM Doctor Radio – Dr Joe Alukal
Dr Jane Greer HealthyLife Radio
Sirius XM Doctor Radio – Dr Virginia Sadock
Lian Brooke-Tyler Primal Happiness – UK
Robert Manni  Guy’s Guy’s Guide to Love
Bonnie D. Graham  Read My Lips Radio
Cape Talk Radio – Capetown, ZA
Daniel Davis – Beyond Fifty Radio
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